W o r k s h o p s



Dates 2017:

Basic: April 10th - April 14th (sold out)

Basic: July 29th - August 4th

Advance: August 7th - August 11th

Masterclass: July 29th - August 11th

S p e c i al '17:

Dramaturgy in contemporary shadow theatre:

August 14th - August 18th



Shadow is a space. This simple, yet striking realization is the central starting point of modern shadow theatre. Not before the figure moves from the screen into this dark space, seemingly three-dimensional images can be produced in shadow theatre, film-like sequences can enrich the play and the whole production can be brought in front of the screen - with the visible player and his actions as an additional dimension. These are the significances of modern shadow theatre and the main themes of the offered workshops.


The design of contemporary shadow theatre does not only consist of shadows, but of all "attitudes" of the light that cast images to the screen: also reflexions, refractions and the decomposition of light into it's colours can enrich this art.

All of the offered courses
 start from this new possibilities in modern shadow theatre. They outline the fundamental relationship between light, shadow and space in theory and practice and explore the use of light as an extremely dynamic, flexible and mobile tool. The emphasis is on the handling of lightweight and robust light sources which produce impressive effects. Thus, the participants of the workshop receive valuable tools for the realization of their own creative ideas.

The workshops require no special qualifications and are open for all who are curious and excited about shadow theatre. At the end of each course specially manufactured lights and accessories are on sale.

Venue: Bamberg, Germany
Languages: English and German

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